What Can I Do With An Economics Degree




Why study Economics at Duquesne?


     What have past Duquesne Economics graduates accomplished?


     What do Duquesne Economics majors do after graduation?




What are the payoffs to an Economics degree?


     Economics majors earn 5th highest salaries out of 100 majors


     Economics majors report 5th highest job satisfaction out of 75 majors


     Unemployment rates for Economics majors are 9th lowest out of 50 majors


     Economics majors can expect to earn almost $4 million over their careers


     Economist is rated #13 on list of the top 200 best jobs (statistician is #2)




What majors best prepare students for successful futures?


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     Yahoo stocks up on economists (Wall Street Journal, 8/25/06)


     The hot major for undergrads is economics (Wall Street Journal, 7/5/05)


     Economics is the third most common degree held by CEOs


     Economics is the preferred major for students pursuing law degrees.


     Economics majors earn more and are unemployed less than other majors.




What can I do with an Economics degree?


     Why should I study Economics at Duquesne?


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